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Welcome to Prosperity Investment 

Important Notice

  1. The official websites of Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries  (“the Group”) are and

  2. The Group is NOT associated with the Websites: (, ( and ( branded “嘉進投資 JiaJin investment’’. The use of information of the Group in the Websites are UNAUTHORISED.

  3. Any communications from “嘉進投資 JiaJin investment’’ and the Websites has no relevance to the Group. The Group, our directors, officers, affiliate companies and/or agents are not liable for any loss suffered by any person who respond to any communications from “嘉進投資 JiaJin investment’ and the Websites.

  4. The Group will pursue legal action against anyone who uses and infringes our intellectual property (including trademarks and domain names).

  5.  If you have any doubt about the genuineness of a website and/or any communications that you have received, please contact us at

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